Wednesday, January 7, 2009

La Befana vien di notte

La Befana came the other night while we were sleeping. She left us all candy in our stockings. The Epiphany was one of my due dates (some calculations said Jan. 6, others said Jan. 7) last year, and I was truly glad when the day came and went and my piccolino was not born on a children's holiday featuring an old witch (the pagan holiday, that is - not talking about the Epiphany; it gets confusing when you are neither pagan nor Catholic but celebrate various versions of the holidays). His birthday may have been overshadowed by the stockings and candy. And the ugly hag.

Here's my Befana stocking

Why did I get (candy) coal in my stocking? Is it because I am back to waking up every hour?


Mary said...

He's adorable! My 6 month old is back to waking up just about every hour too. I'm hoping it's because he's teething, but if your guy is up every hour too..... Well, I guess I have a long 6 months or more ahead of me.

Michellanea said...

Not necessarily! Mine slept fine from about six months to nine months and then began waking up frequently throughout the night. We think it was due to separation anxiety. We did the lazy, tired parent thing and brought him into bed with us, which we are paying for now as we are trying to get him to go back in his own bed. I have been opposed to any kind of cry-it-out or Ferberizing but we are reading Fate la Nanna now as things are getting bad and we are back to not functioning during the day. A baby needs sleep and right now he's not getting it (and neither are we!). I think they just go through phases...

J.Doe said...

He is so cute!! Did you really give him coal candy? Ha Ha Ha.
I don't really agree with the crying-it-out style either but sometimes when I put la bambina down she cries for a few seconds in protest. If it's more then a minute I don't force the sleep. That also goes for the middle of the night wakes. (after I go in to see her)

Gil said...

Wow! He is really becoming a fine looking young man!

Kataroma said...

Very cute! We didn't do anything for Xmas for the babe this year (she's only 6 mos old) but next year we're going to have to decide between Sinta Klaas (Dutch - on Dec 9th), Santa Claus (Australian-American - Dec 24) and the Befana (on the Epiphany). Or maybe we should do all 3.

We always bring the baby into our bed after her 2-5 am wakeup. I hope we're not setting ourselves up for big problems down the road. :(

Cath said...

He is gorgeous! My 4 year freaked out about the befana this year - he decided that he didn't want some creepy old woman to sneak into his room - I had to show him that I had locked the door!

Cath said...

I was against cry-it-out methods too but we had the same problem at D's age. A friend convinced me to try it and it literally took 3 days to work - I really recommend it! We were all so much more rested.

Michellanea said...

Well, we gave it to him in the stocking but not to eat. :)

Thanks Gil!

She's probably still at the age when she won't pick up "bad habits." By one, they are very different though.

Yes, we did it this week (sigh) and it took two nights. I think it went quickly because he had already slept in his bed in his room for months and therefore it wasn't such a foreign concept. I think this was a good age to do it at because he "got it" right away. He could see we were serious and very determined. He is much happier and less fussy during the day. And having gotten more sleep this week than I have in the last two months, I feel like a new person. No regrets.